Marketing Distinguo Card Deck

Gamification for business education

The analogue framework of 40 cards you can use to find the factor which differentiates a specific product/service/brand/person from its competition.

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The Marketing Distinguo card deck reached the podium of the European Digital Mindset Awards at the Digital Enterprise Show of Madrid for the category BEST 2019 MARKETING INNOVATION!


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The Marketing Distinguo card deck has been succesfully funded on Kickstarter! Check out the project story.

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Just before Philip got on stage we had a talk on the Marketing Distinguo concept and card deck. Philip talked about it on the stage, remembering us that the business is about creating a different and special product.

The unique, distinctive way to sell a product or a service (or yourself as a seller)

A glue connecting two marketing concepts

Marketing Distinguo is a simple process to answer the most difficult question: “Why should I buy your company’s product rather than your competitor’s?”

On the one hand, Positioning refers to the “place” the brand occupies in the consumer’s mind.

On the other hand, USP positions the product within a particular market in order to create the perfect advertising.

A glue between these two concepts is essential as it not only simplifies the job of the marketing manager and communications agency, but is reflected in the product/service being offered and/or in the hallmarks of the company itself.

Prof. Philip Kotler

"This article has good examples, stories, a new theory, but also a process to finally come to the differentiation you need".

Prof. Philip Kotler on the Marketing Distinguo concept and method that led to the card deck

The Marketing Distinguo card deck

The first analogue framework for entrepreneurs, managers, agencies and consultants


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To create a good strategy you need a perfect Marketing Mix. How?

We believe that differentiation is the key.

With the Marketing Distinguo card deck, you can examine your company characteristics to find what concretely makes your product/service unique.

17 product/service cards

What means innovation for you? Or quality? What are the characteristics making your product or service unique?

7 people cards

Are your employees special? How are you different as a professional?

1 instruction booklet

All you need to know is here, it's so easy!

The Marketing Distinguo card deck

12 company cards

Does your company size matter? Do you have unique partnerships? Is your production made in a specific country?

4 industry cards

Your uniqueness can be related to the geographical area you serve, or the proximity to a raw material.

3 simple steps

You just need a sheet of paper, a pen and the card deck!

If you have one or more of these keywords in your slogan you really need this card deck!

  • innovation/innovative
  • passion
  • quality
  • turnkey solution
  • precision
  • tailor-made
  • knowledge/competence
  • experience
  • top/leader/the best
  • since 19xx
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • craftmanship
  • creativity/design
  • availability
  • concreteness

"Differentiation is the essence of competition".

Theodore Levitt

Gabriele Carboni
The author

Gabriele Carboni

Defined by Going Global UK: "LEADING EXPERT IN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES". Among the 5 major Italian marketing influencers according to Digitalic.

MIT Digital Business Strategy Executive Program about Digital Transformation. Co-founder of Weevo, co-publisher of Il Giornale delle PMI, author of "Strategie web per i mercati esteri", Hoepli 2016 (Digital Strategies for International Markets).

Keynote Speaker
Global Speaker

Since 2012 Gabriele Carboni has talked as Keynote Speaker at more than 70 conferences all over the world. The 2019 program counts 16 events between Italy, Poland, Netherlands and USA.

Gabriele brings to the stage only case studies of companies he has worked with, speaking to any number of marketing and communication topics.

His most high-demand presentation topics include Differentiation in Marketing, Digital Transformation, Digital Communication Strategies, Web Marketing to approach International Markets, networking, sustainability.

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